SAMSUNGSeries 8 UE55ES8000 Full HD 55″ LED 3D TV
Luck with kostenlose automatenspiele ohne anmeldung can all your dreams come true in a short time and couple of clicks! For innovative, remarkable TV step into the future with the Samsung Series 8 UE55ES8000 Full HD 55″ LED 3D TV.
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For innovative, remarkable TV step into the future with the Samsung Series 8 UE55ES8000 Full HD 55″ LED 3D TV.

Staggering spec

This television comes boasting a world of features with its Full HD, 3D capabilities offering splendid viewing. Whether you are watching the built-in Freeview or Freesat HD, a 3D satellite TV show, playing a film back in slick 3D Blu-ray quality, hooking up a device via HDMI connection or playing on a games console, the UE55ES8000 caters for all.

2 pairs of 3D Bluetooth glasses come with this active 3D television, as the left and right eye pieces synchronise so that each eye only sees the corresponding image being displayed on this 3D TV set, ideal for preventing fatigue when it comes to viewing your TV!

Intuitive control with voices & gestures

Samsung Smart Touch Control features a touchpad for scrolling through menus in a computer-mouse fashion for easier navigation, while the remote and television also have an inbuilt mic for spoken commands, without having to shout.

You can also gesture, offering another way to command your television, examples of this include a circular wave and a side by side wave for different ways to scroll and navigate through channels and options.

Content, evolve & interact

This Samsung Series 8 UE55ES8000 Full HD 55″ LED 3D TV boasts some amazing ideas with its Smart Content, evolution and interaction capabilities.

Samsung Smart Content allows you to enjoy a wide range of apps while acting as a hub for shared content, as well as being able to control other compatible devices.

One of the reasons for the UE55ES8000‘s exciting functionality is a result of its dual-core processor which allows for imposing operation and can also be improved if deemed necessary throughSamsung Smart Evolution, allowing you to add spec to your television in case you feel it is becoming outdated.

Samsung Smart Interaction compliments the integrated camera and microphone, allowing you to cooperate with your television as well as chat to friends and family on Skype from the comfort of your sofa without the need to crowd round a small screen.

SMART is an understatement

This Samsung Series 8 3D TV contains built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi so you can make the most of this TV’s Smart TV Internet capability as you enjoy apps, web browsing and Catch Up TV, meaning you do not miss a trick!

The Samsung Series 8 UE55ES8000 has even more outlandish features in the form of Family Story which sees you share content from your devices on to your TV over a network, while a kids section offers entertainment where you can reward children with good work stickers, certain to keep the little ones happy.

For television viewing like no other, the Samsung Series 8 UE55ES8000 Full HD 55″ LED 3D TV offers slim, sophisticated design with revolutionary technology at the core of an awe-inspiring experience.