Frequently Asked Questions

What is GroupforShop?

The best free spins no deposit bonus is a new way of gaming online. You buy as normal at a competitive Initial Selling Price. Your purchase is automatically combined with other purchases to form part of a bulk or Group buy giving you access to additional discounts and lower prices. Every item you buy is part of a Group purchase but you do not have to wait to get your product. When you buy your purchase is dispatched to you within 3 days.

What is a Group Offer?

Luck with kostenlose automatenspiele online can all your dreams come true in a short time and couple of clicks! “Group Offer” is a new type of consumer offer/ incentive which combines each individual purchase and rewards each purchaser with a bulk/volume discount based on the total number of purchases made within the Group Offer Period. Each buyer purchases at a competitive Initial Selling Price set by the merchant. This price is further reduced at the end of the Group Offer Period by way of a Group Discount which is dependent on the total number of items sold.

How is it different from other online shopping experiences?

Shop as you normally do. You just select the product; pay the Initial Selling Price and checkout as you would usually do when you shop online at any other site. Your purchase is dispatched to you within 3 days. No waiting for a buying group to form or for the Group Offer Period to end. Where it is different is the way other purchases are automatically combined with yours and based on the total number of items purchased during the Group Offer Period you and the other buyers get an additional Group Discount. Buying on GroupforShop gives you access to great prices and Group Discounts you would not otherwise have available to you. GroupforShop empowers you and increases your buying power without you having to wait or form buying groups on your own. By purchasing on GroupforShop it all happens automatically. Pay everything with PayPal! This is the most convenient way today.

Do I have to wait for the Group Offer Period to end to get my purchase?

No, you can buy at any time during the Group Offer Period. When you complete your purchase paying the Initial Selling Price your product will be dispatched to you within 3 days. You do not have to wait until the Group Offer Period has expired to receive your product. Group Discounts are calculated and allocated at the end of the Group Offer Period.

How does GroupforShop work?

See How it Works on the homepage to learn more.

I am a new customer at GroupforShop how do I start shopping?

Simply create an account , then start shopping as you have been shopping online elsewhere. It’s simple…

I am a returning customer, how do I start shopping again?

When you select an item to buy we’ll ask you to first Sign-in to your account , then you can continue with your shopping.

How are Groups Offer activated and how do I join a Group?

It’s easy. You do not have to create a group as such. Group Offer purchases are grouped automatically and held in a Group Basket linked to the Group Offer you have selected. You need not to do anything special. You just buy the product(s) you want. When you buy, your purchase will be automatically allocated to the Group Basket for the Group Offer you and other buyers have selected.

What is the Initial Selling Price?

This is the competitive price set by the merchant for purchase of a single product or item. It is the price all purchasers pay when they purchase a product during the Group Offer Period. The Initial Selling Price will be further reduced depending on the number of additional purchases made by you and other buyers during the Group Offer Period. The price reduction is in the form of a Group Discount which is an equal amount paid to each purchaser at the end of the Group Offer Period when the total number of items purchased is known.

What do you mean by the term Recommended Retail  Price?

This is the price at which the manufacture recommends that  product be sold and is the price used by some high street  retailers. Our merchants do their best to ensure the Initial Selling Prices they set are attractive when compared with the pricing of other retailers and you can check this for yourself by using price checker/comparison web sites.

How much do I pay when I buy a product?

You initially pay a competitive Initial Selling Price when you buy the product on Group Offer. This is a competitive opening price when compared with the Retail Price you would otherwise pay. This price will , depending on the total number of items sold during the Group Offer Period, be further reduced by way of a Group Discount.

How is my Group Discount calculated?

The Group Discount you will receive is dependent on the total number of items purchased during the Group Offer Period. In calculating the total number of purchases all returns made or notified within 7 days of receipt of goods are deducted. Within 14 days of the end of the Group Offer Period the total number of purchases are calculated. The Group Discount is established by calculating the difference between the Initial Selling Price you paid and the lowest discounted price achieved based on the total number of items sold as reflected in the Group Offer dynamic discounted price graph (Discounted Price Graph) which is displayed as part of each Group Offer.

Simple Example (Please see following Graph)


Initial Selling Price = £100 each

Number of items sold during Offer Period = 10

Discounted Price achieved if 10 items sold = £55 each

Group Discount on each purchase = (Initial Selling Price – Discounted Price of 10 items sold)

= (£100 – £55) = £45

Which purchases are taken into account in calculating the Group Discount?

All purchases made within the Group Offer Period except for those returned or notified as being returned within 7 days of their receipt will be taken into account in calculating the Group Discount. Please see the Terms of Use for further information.

How can I be sure I will receive my Group Discount?

Allocation of Group Discount at the end of the Group Offer Period is controlled by GroupforShop not the Merchant. When you pay the Initial Selling Price, before we pass it on to the Merchant we deduct a sum equal to the maximum Group Discount available and this sum is held by us in trust until the close of the Group Offer Period. At the end of the Group Offer Period our innovative software allocates the sums deducted between the Merchant and Buyers depending on the total sales achieved. This way we can guarantee that you will receive your Group Discount.

How is the Group Discount paid?

Group Discounts are credited to the method of payment (debit/credit card) used to purchase the item.

When will I get my Group Discount?

The payment method (Debit/Credit card) used by the buyer to purchase the item will usually be credited within 21 days of the end of the Group Offer Period. For example if the Group Offer Period expires on 31 January your Group Discount should be credited by 21 February.

How do I track progress of Group Discounts?

During the Group Offer Period you can track progress on sales and Group Discount by returning to the GroupforShop website and logging into the relevant Group Offer. There you will see captured in the Discounted Price Graph the real time impact of each purchase in reducing the Initial Selling Price and increasing the Group Discount. The Discounted Price Graph is available to all purchasers and prospective purchasers during the Group Offer Period and up to 21 days after the Group Offer has closed.

How can I get a Group Discount if I am only buying for myself?

Normally when you purchase as an individual you do not qualify for Group Discounts. However at GroupforShop your individual purchase is grouped with the purchases of others made during the Group Offer Period and treated as part of a group buy which qualifies for a Group Discount. So even though you are buying one item for yourself you are getting the benefit of a bulk price. What’s more each buyer is treated equally, you can take delivery of your product at any time and you do not have to get involved in the time consuming business of creating or managing buying groups.

How can I help increase the discount and drop the price further?

As a consumer you have greater power and influence than you realise. You have family, friends and a social network that you can tell about the great offer you have found. Surveys show that people are more likely to respond positively to recommendations from those they trust and respect. So you can inform your network of friends and family. We have made it easy for you to post your recommendation on facebook and other social network sites or email your friends. When your friends buy the same product their purchases are automatically added to your and other purchases increasing the Group Discount and lowering the price.

Are all buyers treated equally?

Absolutely Yes. Everyone who buys stands to benefit equally and will receive the same amount of Group Discount even those who do not promote the Group Offer to their social network. Obviously the more purchasers who share the Group Offers with their friends the greater the likelihood of increased sales and increased Group Discounts for all buyers.

How long is the Group Offer Period?

Each Group Offer remains open for a set period of time usually for 8 to16 days or until the inventory lasts. This period is set by the Merchant. We refer to this as the Group Offer Period.

What happens if the Group Offer Period expires before I can place an order?

Only purchases made during the Group Offer Period count towards the Group Discount. However, don’t worry. If there is inventory left at the end of a Group Offer Period and the Merchant does not withdraw it from sale a new Group Offer is automatically created until the inventory is sold. The terms of the new Group Offer will be the same as the previous Group Offer unless the Merchant adjusts them.

Can a Group Offer be changed?

Once a Group Offer is active (ie a purchase has been made at the Initial Selling Price) Group Offers cannot be changed during the Group Offer Period. Prior to a Group Offer becoming active the Merchant can adjust the terms of the offer. Also if at the end of the Group Offer Period there is unsold inventory the system will automatically create another GroupforShop Offer until all items in the inventory are sold .The terms of that new offer can be adjusted by the Merchant.

Can I suggest a product that I want to buy that is currently not available on Group Offer?

Absolutely, contact us here with your suggestions. We are very keen to broaden the range of products available and will alert the merchants who use GroupforShop.


Can I change an order?

Once you have placed an order it generally isn’t possible to make any changes but please contact the merchant for the best advice.

Can I cancel an order?

It all depends on the speed your merchant  processes the order. Some merchants begin processing orders almost as soon as they are placed, so it’s not possible to cancel or change an order via our website. However, merchants can process refunds and may be able to make changes if they haven’t yet dispatched your order, so please contact your merchant if you want to change or cancel your order. Do not contact GroupforShop as we cannot cancel or change an order on your behalf and we can’t refund you for purchases. This request has to be activated by your merchant and you need to contact your merchant.

Can I order a product as a gift?

You need to check the merchant’s delivery options. When you purchase a product most merchants will allow you to select a delivery address that is different from the billing address for the method of payment used.

Are there limits on the number of Group Offer products I can Order?

The merchants who sell on GroupforShop are interested in volume sales. Some may however place limits on the total number of purchases that can be made by an individual buyer and this will be clear from the Group Offer details. If you wish to have the buying limits removed please contact the merchant through our Communications System which you can access via your account.

Where is my order confirmation?

As soon as you place an order, we notify the seller and send you an email confirming the details. If this hasn’t arrived in your inbox yet, have a look in your ‘junk’ folder ­ it may have gone in there. If not, please contact us and we’ll get one sent out to you.


What types of cards are accepted?

All major credit and debit cards, including Visa Credit, Visa Debit and Mastercard listed on the checkout page

When in the process will my card be charged?

Your credit/debit card will be charged in the normal way when you complete your purchase and check out. The same credit/debit card will then be credited with any Group Discount.

How safe are my credit/debit card details?

When you place orders or access your personal account information, you’re utilizing secure server software (SSL), which encrypts your personal information before it’s sent over the Internet. SSL is one of the safest encryption technologies available.

Can I pay by cheque?

Unfortunately not

Why has my payment failed?

This might have happened for a number of different reasons. First, check that you are using a payment card that we accept (including Visa Credit, Visa Debit and Mastercard). Check that you have entered the card details correctly? Also check that your billing address is in the UK .If you’ve checked everything above and it still isn’t working, we recommend you give your bank a call to check there are enough funds in your account to make the payment.

I’m having trouble paying through my PayPal account, what should I do?

If you’re having problems placing an order using your PayPal account, simply contact us and we will be glad to help.

Can I get a VAT invoice?

Of course, just contact the Merchant you purchased the goods from. If you are having troubles getting a response from the Merchant contact us.


When will I receive my order?

Your  merchant is obliged to  dispatch the item to you within 3 days of you placing your order. Most items should arrive at your door within 7 days from when you place your order. They might be with you sooner than this, but we can’t guarantee it as despite best efforts, neither the seller nor GroupforShop have any control over the postal system.

If you think the item is late, contact your seller to ask them when they dispatched it. Most issues can be resolved quickly by communicating directly with your seller.

GroupforShop sellers are expected to maintain a high standard of customer service and should reply to your e-mail promptly.

Do merchants deliver to addresses outside the UK?

It depends on the merchant. You can find out your merchant’s policy by viewing the merchant’s delivery details. Please note that some merchants have a policy not to deliver outside the UK and they have a right to do this. There may also be delivery restrictions on some items in certain countries.

What are the delivery charges and options?

Each merchant posts the delivery charges and options on the relevant Group Offer page. Many merchants offer free delivery within the UK. Delivery costs and options for each Group Offer can be accessed on each Group Offer page after you click on the product or offer you are interested in. Also by clicking on the name of the merchant you can access the merchants shop front were other Group Offers are listed and the merchant’s delivery and other relevant policies are available.

What if the product is damaged?

Take photos of the damage and contact the merchant as soon as possible ideally within 24 hours of receiving the product with photos showing the relevant damage. Merchants will instruct you on the product return procedures to follow. Merchants have a legal obligation to replace the product or refund you fully. For larger items it is likely the seller will organise for the item to be collected.

What if I receive the wrong order or the order is incomplete?

Please contact your merchant immediately. Have details of the order to hand and your merchant will sort it out. If the merchant is not helpful or does not respond wait three working days after your first attempt to make contact, then contact us to let us know. To help you resolve the problem quickly, please have available  your order number and details of when and how many times you’ve attempted to contact your seller.


What is the Refund/Returns Policy?

All merchants’ policies must comply with and GroupforShop’s Returns Policy. Each merchant’s  policies can be accessed by clicking on the merchants name on the Group Offer page . This will take you to the merchants store front were other group offers and the merchant’s policies are available. You should review all your merchant’s  policies before completing your order.

How do I return an item?

This Returns Guide shows you how to contact the seller and activate the returns process.

Why does GroupforShop require 7 day limit on notification of returns for all Group Offer sales?

GroupforShop requires all merchants to adopt GroupforShop’s Returns Policy of permitting the buyer to return within 7 days of receipt of the product. This enables us to strike the right balance between a reasonable time for buyers to notify the merchant of a change of mind and the speedy calculation and payment of the Group Discount to each buyer. For further information see GroupforShop Returns Policy.

How will I receive any refund due?

While refund procedures and times will vary by merchant  a refund should be credited to your method of payment within 10 working days of the products being returned.


How do I contact a merchant?

To contact a merchant prior to placing an order you can use our e mail communication tool by simply clicking on the product you are interested in. That will take you to a page which provides highlights of the Group Offer. Click on the Group Offer to get more details of the offer and the merchant. Go to the Merchant Information Box on the Group Offer page and select contact merchant. You can send an email directly to the merchant if you have any questions about a Group Offer.

How do I receive replies from a merchant?

All merchant communications should be routed through the GroupforShop Communications System which will deliver the merchant’s message to you. You can access emails from the merchant via your accounts page under “view emails with merchants” By replying to this e-mail your response will also be directed through the Communications System and will be delivered to the merchant.

This enables buyers to communicate with merchants without disclosing their private e-mail address and ensures GroupforShop has a record of all correspondence between buyers and merchants which will help us to help you in the event of an issue arising.

What do I do if the merchant doesn’t reply to my e-mails

Wait three working days after your first attempt to make contact, and then email us to let us know. To help you resolve the problem quickly, we will need your order number and details of when and how many times you’ve attempted to contact your seller.

Can’t I just use the merchant’s direct phone number/e-mail address?

We strongly recommend that you use our online contact form when contacting a merchant and to reply to e-mails sent through the Communications System. All mail routed through the Communications System is filtered for spam and possible phishing attempts and GroupforShop will have a record of all correspondence between you and your merchant which may be helpful in resolving issues.


How do I submit feedback?

This feature will be available in the next upgrade. If you have any issues with a seller please use the GroupforShop email facility to contact the merchant directly. This enables us to keep a record of the merchant’s response and allow us to monitor customer service levels and intervene on your behalf should that be necessary to get issues resolved. We also have a Buyer Protection Programme which mandates GroupforShop to settle any disputes that may arise.

How Are Buyers Protected?

Buyers and merchants share the responsibility for making sure purchases made on GroupforShop are rewarding and safe. The Buyer Protection Policy is designed to handle situations where a buyer either never received a product or received a product that is materially different from what was ordered or expected. We ask buyers to first contact the merchant when they have a problem. If the merchant fails to resolve the problem, the customer can refer the matter to GroupforShop. When a claim is made under the GroupforShop Buyer Protection Policy we will require merchants and buyers to comply with the GroupforShop Buyer Protection resolution process. Both buyers and merchants permit us to make a final decision, in our sole discretion, on any claim that a buyer files with us under the Buyer Protection Programme.