Making it simple for merchants and consumers to access the benefits of Group purchasing

Features and Benefits

GroupforShop is an online retail platform bringing together merchants and buyers. It is a new way of selling and shopping online which treats individual purchases as part of a Group buy and gives access to additional discounts and lower prices.


GroupforShop is designed to enable individual buyers to mobilise their social networks to deliver real value. It makes it easy for buyers to promote and increase participation in the Group Offers, increasing sales for merchants and group discounts for buyers.


Unlike other online retailers/platforms where each purchase is treated individually, at GroupforShop each purchase is combined with others so buyers benefit from Group(bulk) discounts. 


GroupforShop is not a daily discount or voucher provider. GroupforShop is a fully functioning merchant platform with a full catalogue of products all of which are on Group Offer.   

Group Offer

Group Offer” is a new type of consumer offer/ incentive which combines  individual consumer purchases and rewards them by applying bulk/volume discounts based on the total number of purchases made within the "Group Offer Period".  

Group Offer Period

This is  the period of time a  Group Offer will be open. The maximum period an offer can be open is set by GroupforShop Merchant.  If at the end of the Group Offer Period there is unsold inventory the system will automatically create another GroupforShop Offer until all items in the inventory are sold.  Merchants  will have the opportunity  to cancel  or change the terms of these offers before they are activated 

  Benefits of selling on GroupforShop  

1. Increase sales to Groups of buyers (Ship larger volumes quicker)

A platform that incentivises and rewards  buyers  to  promote your offers and boost sales.

2. Sell on your terms (no fire sales)

Merchants set the terms – inventory levels, offer period, initial selling price ,  and discount available. No group negotiation, logistics and management l headaches. 

3. Certainty of sales  (Buyers must commit first)

Sell as normal. Buyers purchase to access discount opportunity. No minimum number of buyers required. 

4. Motivated Buyers (Buyers promote Group Offers)

Discounts increase as number of items sold. Buyers are incentivised to activate their social network and promote Group Offer.

5. Prompt payment (Paid on each sale, no waiting until Group Closure)

Merchants do not have to wait for the offer period to end to get paid. Receive payment as each product is sold.

6. Group Processes Automated (Worry free administration)

The Group aspects (Group pricing, creation, closure and calculation of discounts) are automated. Merchants post offers and focus on fulfilment/customer service.

7. Access to performance data (Improve performance dynamically)

Access sales data in real time to learn fast  and  optimise Group Offers to achieve goals.